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Pelican Paste

1.5 oz puck- Pelican Paste Hardening Wax

1.5 oz puck- Pelican Paste Hardening Wax

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This is for a puck of Pelican Paste that is approximately 1.5 oz. 


Pelican Paste is a brand-new hardening wax that is great for your knives, tools, axes, leather and more.

Much like a bar of soap, I thought it might be a good idea to have a puck of wax for your tools, leather, knives and more. Just rub the puck of wax straight onto your tool. Great for anything with a bigger surface area.

Pelican Paste is a food-safe wax. So you can feel safe using it on your kitchen knives and cutting boards.

If you are a maker and want to have that reassurance that your customer has what they need to care for their investment, try our half-ounce tins of Pelican Paste. It is a great value add to your product.

Also great for Damascus steel!


You can simply take a small amount with a lint free cloth and rub it on your knife steel, handle or tool. For best results, heat wax with a heat gun or hair dryer to allow the oils to get better penetration. I like to let it sit overnight to allow the wax to fully harden; any excess can just be wiped off.


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Product Features


100% all natural and food safe wax for your knives, tools, wood and leather.


Sweet Orange 🍊


  • 100% Food Safe
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Safe for:
  • High Carbon Knives
  • Damascus Knives
  • Wood Handles
  • Cutting Boards
  • Hammer Steel
  • Hammer Handles
  • Axe Handles
  • Blacksmithing Tongs
  • Anvils
  • Leather wallets
  • Leather Sheaths
  • Skin
  • Lips
  • and much more!