100% Food Safe

Rest in the fact that our products are 100% food safe. Making them perfect for food contact utensils and tools such as Chefs knives, wooden spoons, cuttingboards and even your camping gear.


Protect what is precious to you. Whether that be your knives, your cuttingboards, your tools or your wallet. If it is steel, wood or leather, Pelican Paste has you covered!


Bring back that 'pop' as if it were new! Pelican Pastes will bring out the grain of woods, getting rid of that dull look. Your woods will shine and your heart will feel good.

What is Pelican Paste?

Pelican Paste is an all natural hardening wax

  • No Chemicals!

    Pelican Paste is not a chemical based product that was thought up in a lab. No Chemicals, Petroleum or Unnecessary additives.

  • 100% Food Safe

    Feel safe applying Pelican Paste to your Chefs Knives, cuttingboards and wooden spoons.

  • All Natural

    Pelican Paste uses all natural ingrediants. No Chemicals EVER!

  • Made in the USA

    Developed and manufatured in the state of Florida. Pelican Paste even smells like sweet oranges; Florida's state fruit. 🍊