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Pelican Paste

0.5 oz Soft Pelican Paste Wax

0.5 oz Soft Pelican Paste Wax

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Why such a small tin?

A half-ounce tin is perfect for two reasons. The first one is, it is a great sample size to introduce you to the product. The small tin is a perfect amount to test with and to be honest, it will still last you quite a while.

These small tins are also perfect for sending a little extra something to your customers. Sending a tin of Pelican Paste to your customer will add some reassurance and give them the ability to properly care for the product you worked so hard to create. 



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What is Pelican paste?

It is a hardening wax designed to protect your knives, cutting boards, leather goods etc. It is specially designed for long-lasting protection for your blade steel. Will not easily rub off with simple cutting and slicing.

So if you have a knife or tool that you want to protect from the elements and from rust, Pelican paste is your new best friend. It is great for Damascus Steel!

Pelican Paste is 100% food safe and made with all-natural ingredients. No petroleum byproducts ever!

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You can simply take a small amount with a lint-free cloth or paper shop towel and rub it on your knife steel, wood handle, or tool. For best results, heat wax with a heat gun or hair dryer to allow the oils to get better penetration. I like to let it sit overnight to allow the wax to fully harden; any excess can just be wiped off. 

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Product Features


100% all natural and food safe wax for your knives, tools, wood and leather.


Sweet Orange 🍊


  • 100% Food Safe
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Safe for:
  • High Carbon Knives
  • Damascus Knives
  • Wood Handles
  • Cutting Boards
  • Hammer Steel
  • Hammer Handles
  • Axe Handles
  • Blacksmithing Tongs
  • Anvils
  • Leather wallets
  • Leather Sheaths
  • Skin
  • Lips
  • and much more!


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Nelil Warren
What are you doing if youre not using this

Best wax and wax products for blades, hands, mustaches, leather, and everything else in between

It does it all! Glad you love it.